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Conference hall in Kharkov

Conference halls have long become a common place for negotiations, various trainings, for meeting with suppliers, colleagues, employees of various companies.
The atmosphere in the conference-hall should be comfortable and positioned for the dialogue.
We offer the rent of the conference hall in Kharkov with a capacity of up to forty people.

The hall is equipped with comfortable furniture and all the necessary equipment for conferences, trainings, forums.

The interior itself is well performed, executed in light colors, it is pleasant to be in the room, the atmosphere in it does not depress.

Also, the undoubted advantages of our conference hall are:

  • twenty seats at the table;
  • projection screen;
  • air conditioning to maintain a comfortable air temperature in the room;
  • organization of coffee breaks, receptions, banquets, business lunches, business dinners (we are ready to offer you a wide assortment of different dishes).

The cost of is 1600 uah from 9.00 till 18.00.

This price includes the following services:

  • rent of the conference hall;
  • multimedia projector, screen, flip - chart;
  • office set (folder, pen, sheets A4, notepad for entries);
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • the possibility of local calls to Kharkov.

In addition to the standard set of services included in the conference package, you can additionally order the Sound Amplifier, Multimedia Projector, screen, laptop, DVD, TV and interpreter services. Rent of additional services is possible both hourly and daily.

All this undoubtedly helps for a more visual and simple perception of information. Some information just needs to be written down somewhere, so that the explanation is faster and more accessible.

Also, our conference hall is in the hotel, so you can immediately reserve a room for yourself and relax. This is very convenient, because you save your money and time on search of a suitable hotel. In addition, negotiations are often delayed until the evening and take a lot of energy.

Our entire range of services has affordable prices and good quality.

According to the conference issues can be accessed by calling:

+38 (099) 460-91-15

Our staff will consult you on your questions with pleasure, answer all questions, choose the most convenient and suitable for you the option of accommodation and rentals.


phoneReservation service:
+38 (099) 460-91-15

When booking rooms online
booking form - 5% discount

Our adress:

city of Kharkov ul. Primorskaya 23